The Ursuline Education Network (UEN) offers the Ursuline Global Scholars Certificate to graduating high school students who have demonstrated a strong interest in global citizenship by successfully completing curricular studies with a global focus and engaging in co-curricular activities and experiences that foster the development of global competencies.  

The Global Scholars Certificate inspires and validates excellent global education learning opportunities (some of which are already in place in many Ursuline schools), encourages students to enroll in courses and participate in activities with a global focus, and prepares globally competent students to be competitive in international careers.  This distinction will reward those students who are willing to stretch beyond traditional requirements in order to set themselves apart in the international arena.  

The Global Scholars distinction validates a student’s deliberate pursuit of a global education.  This distinction aims to:

  • Encourage students to recognize the value of and emphasize global aspects of their education and, working with their guidance counselor or person designated by the school, to pursue these opportunities
  • Serve as a significant selection criterion in the admissions process to colleges and universities
  • Serve as an important hiring consideration by prospective employers 


In today’s global marketplace, it is in the long-term economic and social interests of schools to educate a globally competent citizenry by emphasizing the global character of disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies in the school curriculum and by encouraging and facilitating international connections in the school, local community, and beyond.  

“We must focus on integrating international perspectives into our classrooms.  It is through education and exchange that we become better collaborators, competitors, and compassionate neighbors in this global society.”

–    Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education

Benefit to Colleges & Universities

UEN interviewed several colleges and universities about whether or not the Global Scholar distinction would serve to strengthen a student’s application to their school.  Unanimously, the schools surveyed agreed that such a program would be seen as a positive attribute to an application.  

“As long as the school profile adequately explains the program and why it’s distinctive/rigorous, we will take it into account, and it would benefit the student. And of course, the student would still have to satisfy all of our minimum requirements (for admission into the College), but I imagine that wouldn’t be an issue with these students.”  

–    Randolph-Macon College

“This program fits beautifully with a Global Studies program that we are launching this year.  In speaking with admissions, we would be happy to consider the Global Scholars from your school for preferred admission provided that they satisfy all other minimum requirements…”

–    University of Delaware 

“We believe that the Global Scholars Program offered to your students would be extremely beneficial for them in being accepted into the Honors Program and also for scholarships.”

–     University of Cincinnati

Typical Student Profile

Students who receive the Global Scholar distinction will be those students who are enthusiastic about international issues and who strive to include themselves in activities that feed this enthusiasm.  Global Scholars will be well-rounded students demonstrating intellectual achievement, a commitment to service, passion for international issues, and a desire to be involved in global change.  


Ursuline Education Network  (UEN) will award the distinction of “Ursuline Global Scholar” to students who demonstrate achievement toward global competency.  Students who receive this distinction will have the designation “Ursuline Global Scholar” on their high school transcripts, receive seals on their diplomas, and achievement certificates.  

The curriculum for Global Scholar achievement must be sufficiently rigorous and the students’ mastery of the criteria needs to be above-average in quality (e.g. a passing grade of B or higher for coursework completion) in order for the Global Scholars designation to be a meaningful distinction.

To be recognized as Ursuline Global Scholars, students need to complete:

  • Coursework in world languages
  • Coursework in humanities with strong global implications
  • Extracurricular activities and experiences with global themes
  • Capstone Project that summarizes experiences

Ursuline Education Network Mission

The mission of the Ursuline Education Network (UEN) is to foster collaboration among educational institutions sponsored by or affiliated with Ursuline congregations within the United States and Canada.  The organization promotes the preservation and development of the Ursuline charism and fosters educational excellence, innovation and global connectedness.  In the spirit of global citizenship, UEN has established the Ursuline Global Scholars Program in order to recognize students for outstanding achievement in the global arena. 

Member schools participating in the Global Scholars Program can submit their annual fee of $150 by check made out to UEN, or through Square payment processing by CLICKING HERE.

For more information about Global Scholars, contact Peggy McCormick-Platz at