Ursuline Education Network
Student Service Award Winners
2023 -2024 

The Ursuline Education Network honors students who model St. Angela’s 10th Legacy: “Never fail to render your neighbor the services that may depend on you” by awarding annual Student Service Awards. Students nominated from member schools submitted written essays about their service experiences and were honored for exhibiting some recognizable attributes which model St. Angela:

  • is a student who models the teachings of St. Angela Merici; sees a need and puts service into action to resolve a difficult situation. 
  • is a leader who can rally others to assist with the “cause” and can work together to achieve the desired goal. 
  • an individual who is Christ-like in their approach to need/suffering, someone who puts the needs of others above self. 

Student recipients were announced on January 26, 2024 and received certificates and commemorative pins from UEN. Congratulations to all of our deserving students who practice serviam  and the school educators who are esteeming them.  CLICK HERE to read student service essays.

School Student recipient Grade Nominator
Academy of Mount St. Ursula Amy P. 12 Jeannie DiBenedetto
Academy of Mount St. Ursula Maribella B. 12 Jeannie DiBenedetto
Beaumont School Lucy S. 12 Michele Bernot
Beaumont School Samay T. 12 Michele Bernot
Ursuline Dallas Amanda R. 11 Sr. Lois Castillon
Ursuline Dallas Sophia C. 10 Sr. Lois Castillon
Ursuline Academy Dedham Simone C 12 Jane Losey
Sacred Heart Academy Mary B. 11 Caroline Fowler
Sacred Heart Academy Allison C. 11 Caroline Fowler
Sacred Heart Model School Addie L. 8 Tricia Forde
Sacred Heart Model School Gray W. 8 Tricia Forde
Ursuline Academy New Orleans Evie B. 12 Beth Joubert
The Ursuline School New Rochelle Fiona G. 12 Theresa Napoli
The Ursuline School New Rochelle Lila V. 12 Theresa Napoli
Ursuline Academy St. Louis Claire C 9 Joni Mullen
Ursuline Academy St. Louis Caitlin D. 12 Joni Mullen
St. Ursula Academy Cincinnati Isabella B. 12 Laurel Fiorelli
St. Ursula Academy Cincinnati Lelia F. 12 Laurel Fiorelli
St. Ursula Academy Toledo Anna H. 12 Liz Pelz
St. Ursula Academy Toledo Olivia E 12 Liz Pelz
St. Ursula Villa Jack R. 6 Lisa Wolfer
St. Ursula Villa Laila S. 8 Lisa Wolfer
Ursuline Academy Cincinnati Emily R. 12 Megan Knapke
Ursuline Academy Wilmington Nora M. 11 Erin McNichol
Ursuline High School Wimbledon Isabella T. 10 Polly Harrison